A2M (Alpha-2-Macroglobulin )

Protect your joints from arthritis and stop degeneration.

Stop Arthritis and Inflammation

A2M stops degenerative arthritis, protects cartilage, and reduces pain and inflammation

A2M (Alpha-2-Macroglobulin)

A2M is a revolutionary approach in the treatment of osteoarthritis.  A single precision injection can stop progression of arthritis by preventing the breakdown of cartilage for up to 1-2 years.  When cartilage breakdown is stopped, joint function improves and pain is decreased. 

The antidote to this collagen breakdown is A2M.  A2M is found in a patient’s own blood, but often cannot enter large joints in sufficient amounts to fully stop the process.  This is where A2M injections come in.  We are able to fully isolate this protein complex and put it directly into the joint where it is needed most.  The effect is an almost immediate reduction in tissue breakdown, and thus pain and inflammation

A2M can also be a critical treatment after major joint surgery such as ACL repair, knee/shoulder/hip arthroscopy, meniscal surgery, rotator cuff repair, hip surgery, etc.  Osteoarthritis is extremely common after certain surgeries, and may be triggered by the surgery itself.  A2M can protect your joint from painful tissue breakdown. 

Conditions Treated with A2M


Generally, an injection of A2M is highly anti-inflammatory, and has a positive effect on pain.  By stopping degenerative tissue breakdown, we stop the inflammation associated with this process.

A2M is isolated from the patient’s own blood.  Blood is drawn just as in routine lab work and the A2M is extracted from this blood. The process of preparing A2M requires a specific biological filter that isolates the desired protein from the blood.

Typically, the effect lasts 1-1.5 years, or 5x-10x longer pain relief than a corticosteroid injection.  You may require 1-3 injections in total depending on your specific case.  Since it is a natural substance there is no limit to the number of injections you could benefit from.

The two treatments also have quite different uses.  PRP generally has more regenerative effects but can be more inflammatory.  A2M stops inflammation and tissue breakdown but is somewhat less regenerative.  Used as part of the same treatment plan, A2M and PRP can be profoundly healing to damaged joints.

If we are considering moving forward with the injection, we can send in a sample of your joint fluid and accurately test whether A2M will work or not.  This is extremely useful, and essentially gives us a yes or no answer. 

        • Full orthopedic exam to determine the treatment plan
        • Ultrasound exam (if applicable)
        • Routine blood draw
        • Once the sample is isolated it is processed.  This takes about 30 minutes.
        • The injection is performed using sterile technique and ultrasound guidance
        • Typically the injection does not trigger an increase in pain, rather a decrease.
        • The entire procedure takes about 45-60 minutes.
        • Most patients can return to regular activity immediately following the procedure.
“Shoulder treatment. Dr Neary is an absolutely amazing doctor. He has great bed side manner, extremely knowledgeable and I had amazing results. I came to him for a long-term shoulder injury that he performed PRP on to improve and I am 100% better. I am back to climbing, holding my kids and performing aerial. So grateful for his skill and treatment. I would highly recommend Dr Neary for any joint injury.”
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