Vitamin Shots

Distribute high quality nutrients directly into the body!

Unleash the Healing Power

Regenerative Medicine offers the body a second chance at healing injury, without drugs or invasive surgery.

Vitamin Shots

A Vitamin Injection is a high dose of vitamins and/or minerals given to the body through IM (intra-muscular) injection.  Via natural circulation, your body will distribute these nutrients into your bloodstream, and the results can be amazing! 

Although oral supplementation has many health benefits, intramuscular injection of nutrients reaches close to 100% and far exceeds the rate of oral absorption and bio-availability of a given nutrient.  Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently into cells, directly providing them with the substances required to thrive. What does this mean for you?  Healthy cells support metabolism and lead to a robust and vital body, immune system, and faster recovery!

We offer patient specific vitamin and mineral shots to support endurance, energy production, recovery, weight loss, fatigue, detoxification, and more.  We use only the highest quality vitamins and minerals to maximize purity and bioavailability. ​

Kinds of Shots


Combat stress and balance your mood while increasing your energy. Feeling that mid-day drag? Difficulty sleeping? This shot improves energy, endurance, sleep, blood cell production, and keeps your brain and nerve cells healthy.  Contains Methyl-B12. 


Increase wellness and longevity Glutathione and B-12 work together biochemically to increase energy levels and prevent oxidative damage by free radicals, helping to prevent diseases caused by free-radicals and improving overall health. $65

Stress Buster

Has it been a tough day, week, month, or year? Feel like you’re running on empty? If so, it is likely you have burned through many of your vitamins. This shot helps you get back on track, fast! Contains Methyl B-12 and B-Complex to help combat stress, stabilize mood and boost energy levels. All while enhancing natural detoxification pathways!


Promote fat-burning lean muscle growth and recover faster from workouts by reducing inflammation and soreness. Improve performance and speed recovery time after high intensity workouts. This post exercise injection contains BCAA’s (branch chain amino acids) and antioxidants to help you build stronger, leaner muscle and stop post exercise inflammation. $55

Fat Buster

Support your healthy hard work with a fat burning boost.  This shot contains MIC (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) and Methyl B-12, supporting fat metabolism by enhancing liver and gallbladder function. It also improves antioxidant production and detoxification. 

Muscle Relaxer

Relax tight muscles and relieve stress. This injection combines magnesium with taurine to help de-stress, soften tight muscles, and support healthy heart function. It can be a great aid to peaceful sleep as well. $50

Fat & Stress Buster

This shot combines the benefits of Fat Burner Plus and the Stress Buster. Contains: B complex, Methyl B12, MIC, and L-Carnitine 
(This is a staff and client favorite)

Frequent Flyer

Experiencing jetlag? This powerful antioxidant cocktail helps you recover or prepare for your trip. This injection contains the antioxidants Vitamin C, B12, and other restorative nutrients to get you up to speed after taxing travels. $60

Be Healthy

Enhance immunity to prevent illness or speed up recovery time. This injection contains Vitamin C, B vitamins, and other vital nutrients that act to prevent illness before it starts or fight back if you’re already under the weather. $65


replenish and maintain healthy levels of Vitamin D3. This injection contains 100,000 IU of Vitamin D3 to help those with low levels replenish this vital nutrient. One injection is so effective that you should only need one every couple months to restore and maintain optimal levels. $65

Conditions Treated with Vitamin Shots

Vitamin Shots FAQs

Yes. We schedule vitamin shots in 10-15 minute intervals during all business hours.  Your first time to see us will take a little longer to complete a brief intake + one-page paperwork. You will also have the opportunity to ask any questions + voice any concerns about injection vitamin therapy.

B-12 is notorious for being difficult to absorb.  Many people have issues with stomach acidity, intestinal inflammation, or poor gut health.  Any of these can affect how well B-12 is absorbed from food or supplements.  B-12 injections bypass these potential pitfalls, and if you feel great afterwards can possibly point to underlying issues you may not have uncovered yet.

In our modern world, everyone can benefit from receiving a B-12 or vitamin shot.  Proper nutrients are consistently becoming less available in the food we buy and this can eventually affect our blood levels and cellular levels of nutrients. Those most at risk for low B-12 are Vegans, vegetarians, older adults, and just about anyone with gut issues.  Certain medications can also cause problems with B-12. 

Everyone’s pain tolerances are different, but we pride ourselves on making shots as painless as possible.  We typically inject into the deltoid muscle of the upper arm or the upper outer gluteal muscle, right above the buttocks.  Very little exposure is required!

No, sorry. Nutrient shots are medicine and need to be treated as such.  We do not dispense shots or the materials for doing shots at home.  Each shot is pulled up by a fully trained and licensed doctor using sterile techniques and in a laminar flow hood.  Your safety and health are top priority.

“Shoulder treatment. Dr Neary is an absolutely amazing doctor. He has great bed side manner, extremely knowledgeable and I had amazing results. I came to him for a long-term shoulder injury that he performed PRP on to improve and I am 100% better. I am back to climbing, holding my kids and performing aerial. So grateful for his skill and treatment. I would highly recommend Dr Neary for any joint injury.”
Bend, OR
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